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Two Crows

Today I took some time between work and school, then work again, to simply admire the day.  I think we all need to find the time to do this. The result was this…

Two Crows

Two crows atop two buildings perch

Survey the earth below.

Neither stress nor worry for

The day about which they go.


They stand triumphant and satisfied

Exactly where they are.

How little they work to flap and fly

Their wings can take them far.


Their calls bounce from wall to wall

Amidst the city’s scape.

The crows are crowing for all to hear,

I sit on my porch and gawp.


I compare my life in buildings tall

I’d climbed without much ease,

And these two crows, with no sorrows

Have climbed much higher than me.


I wish that I could fly as high

And achieve all that they see.

Success for us lies in our work.

Success for them is free.


Coming to terms I can’t help but smile

At just how lucky they are.

To give me peace, a present free,

Without even working hard.

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