About “The Music Feel Good”

If you sing, play an instrument, or just love music, you may have experienced this scenario at some point.  You’re on your instrument, but it feels like it’s playing you.  You have to almost fight the urge to go completely into your own world. All of a sudden, you’re hearing sounds that you don’t recall ever making before, and you feel something.  It could be a shiver, some kind of euphoria, or even something that moves you to laugh or cry.  This is the kind of emotional experience I want to learn more about.

  • Does this feeling have to do with your brain? Your soul? Your body?
  • Is it only with certain kinds of music?
  • Is there a way to harness this feeling?
  • Do others feel it when you do?

All of these questions fascinate me. So if you’re as interested as I am, check back in every once and a while to see what I’ve come up with in my research.


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