Social Media in PR

This is my executive summary of the first four chapters of D. Breakenridge’s book “Social Media and Public Relations.”

PR Practices

D. Breakenridge

Executive summary

In these four chapters, Breakenridge discusses what happens when social media interacts with PR.  This interaction creates emphasis on communication technology, and what kind of options and approaches can be used in a variety of different circumstances.  The book warns that you must be able to move out of your comfort zone, but not away from basic PR principles in order to begin using these new practices.

The Practices

1.       The PR Policy Maker

This practitioner understands that social media is a tool that can be used to establish 2-way communication with a very large audience.  The maintenance of the networks must be monitored closely, and the practitioner should train employees, and maintain policies with other members of the organization.

2.       The Internal Collaboration Generator

This practice is done by a professional internal communicator who understands the importance of relating to members within an organization.  This practitioner understands how to gather information from every department within an organization, not only to keep a clear message across the board, but to increase the effectiveness of the organization through teamwork.

3.       The PR Technology Tester

The title of this practice can be taken quite literally, as one of the responsibilities of this PR professional is to harness the power of new technological tools for an organizations advancement. However, it’s not always tools, but sometimes software updates, channels, and resources that can be the difference between beneficial social media, and outdated practices.

4.        The Communications (COMMS) Organizer.

This professional is responsible for educating and redirecting an organization to implement a new communications process. It is now the responsibility of the PR practitioner to communicate the changes in communications protocol.  This can be done within the company’s social media channels, or traditional memos and so forth.


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